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Irritable Bladder

This is where the bladder contracts when it is not supposed to. It may cause you to pass urine frequently or to get up a night to pass urine. It may also case you to rush to the toilet or to not make it in time (Urge incontinence).


This condition is generally treated with medications to try and relax the bladder and exercises (bladder retraining) to help the bladder remain relaxed as it fills. It is necessary to try the medication for at least 3 months to see if it is effective. Surgery is rarely helpful. Exactly why this condition develops we don't know, but it is very common. In a few cases we may need to perform urodynamics or look inside the bladder with a telescope.


Voiding difficulties

This is where your bladder does no empty properly. It may be either because your bladder muscle does not contract adequately or because there is an obstruction preventing the urine from flowing out adequately.


You may find that you pass urine slowly or that you do not feel that your bladder empties completely. You may also pass urine frequently passing small volumes or be getting repeated bladder infections .

Before being seen in clinic should may have had Urodynamics and a pelvic scan. These test will help the doctor you see determine the cause and offer correct treatment. The doctor may recommend a cystoscopy (a look in the bladder) to further help determine the cause.


Treatment options will be discussed fully in the clinic.

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