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Awards Evening celebrates success


Friday 02 November 2012
Over 100 staff and guests gathered on 1st November for RCHTs 2012 'Extra Mile' Excellence and Innovation Awards.  Forty-two teams and individuals were recognised for their outstanding contribution to patient care and delivery of RCHT services over the last 12 months.
In total, 24 individuals received awards, 9 for Extra Mile, 2 for Extra Mile and Innovation, 8 for Excellence and 1 for Excellence and Community Award.   Of the 18 teams receiving awards, 11 were for Extra Mile, 2 for Extra Mile and Community Award, 2 for Excellence and 2 for Innovation.
RCHT Chairman, Martin Watts, said, "Our 'Extra Mile', Excellence and Innovation Awards give us the opportunity to celebrate those who have gone out of their way to provide or support the delivery of the highest standards of patient care. Our hospitals have made very good progress over the last three years. None of this is possible without tremendous commitment, exceptional effort and innovation."
This year's winner of our Community Award, voted on by patients, staff and members of the public, was Mary Parrett, Epilepsy Nurse Specialist.  Winner's of the Chairman and Chief Executive's Award were the Mermaid Centre Team.
Here are our winners in full:


Janet Rafferty - Admin Lead, Medical Admissions Unit
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Sanjeev Gupta – Consultant, Chris Giltjes-Vincent - Charge Nurse

Janet has consistently supported the junior medics, nurses, ward clerks and even the consultants. She has drawn up rotas, organised ward get togethers, welcome and farewell parties. She has organised the induction days for the juniors and represented the Unit at various meetings. She comes in on her days off and even when she has been sick.   I cannot think of anyone else more deserving of this recognition.

Myra Martin - Recovery Manager, Theatres
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Frank Rowe, Tracy Eagles, Lynne Whiting, Alison Aggett, Heather Fisher, Helen Earl-Davies and Barbara Smith - all Theatre Colleagues

Myra was nominated by 7 of her theatre colleagues and their comments for nominating her include:

  • Myra is a very fair and compassionate manager who always stands by her staff.
  • Mrya is always very helpful, professional, very considerate and eager to resolve any issues.
  • Myra works long and hard hours offering support to all who need it.
  • Myra is always happy, cheerful and very approachable. She is a positive role model.
  • Myra gives a high standard of care to her patients and expects the same from her staff. She is a 'hands on nurse' as well as a manager.
  • Myra so deserves this Extra Mile award.

Carol Davis - Clinical Trials Co-ordinator, Haematology and Oncology
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Sophie Mepham, Gaynor Miney and Kay Pollard - all Haematology Research Nurses

Carol provides a very high level of support to all the clinical trials teams in both Haematology and Oncology. She is the single point of contact for staff running in excess of 70 clinical trials and is responsible for ensuring patients on complex chemotherapy trials have the correct samples taken. 

Carol is well respected, liked and admired by all who work with her. She is always friendly, kind, extremely hard working and prepared to go the 'extra mile' to help both her colleagues and the patients. Carol works tirelessly to ensure the patients get the best care and for their clinical trials to go as smoothly as possible.

Anna Sperring - Volunteer Co-ordinator
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Gill Prodger and Carolyn Rowe from the Friends of West Cornwall Hospital and Beatrice Dyer from the Friends of the Royal Cornwall Hospital

Anna is able to manage her time to do five days work in three. The difference she has made to volunteering within the Trust is amazing and she has single-handedly encouraged and brought significantly more volunteers into the hospital.  Nothing is too much trouble for her and she tackles all problems brought to her with a smile.  She works with volunteers in a sensitive and understanding manner and you can rely on Anna to get things done.   Anna goes the 'extra mile'.

Colin Reeves - Biomedical Scientist, Clinical Chemistry
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Anthea Patterson - Consultant Biochemist

Colin immediately springs to mind when thinking of someone who goes the 'extra mile'. He is always helpful, the first to volunteer and will cheerfully assist whatever needs to be done. One example being Colin volunteered to work through the night to keep one of the main analysers running in order to process a backlog of samples. This is no mean feat as thousands of samples were processed and it was exhausting and stressful.

Colin is a key member of staff and continually looks for and suggests way in which we can deliver our services better. His production of a competency training document has been, in part, used by the manufacturers to supplement their training manual.

To my mind, Colin is a shining example of the goodwill and desire to make a difference to patients that not only keeps the NHS going, but makes it great.

Peter Oldfield - Catering Assistant, Hotel Services
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Terri Chant, Diabetes Research Nurse

Peter drives the van which delivers sandwiches around the RCH site for staff not working in the main hospital. He is always cheerful and chatty even when the weather is awful and he is out and about in the rain.  Peter's deliveries mean we can still eat and allow us to get essential treats to make a really bad day go better. He thoroughly deserves recognition for his commitment to others and his constant cheerfulness.

Dr Yaplapali Kumar - Consultant Paediatrician
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Mrs Lesley O'Sullivan, the mother of one of Dr Kumar's patients

I am nominating Dr Kumar for helping my son Tyler get the help he needed when he was really ill with the chickenpox and his seizures. Tyler was very ill and without Dr Kumar we would not of got the help we needed. He has always listened and been there for us.

Dr Kumar's colleagues also commented that he has been instrumental in the introduction of new technologies to child health to improve the patient experience and ensure care can be delivered closer to home for our patients in Cornwall. Dr Kumar provides specialist support to some patients in tertiary centres rather than the patients having to travel to Truro

Louise Richards – Sister, Outpatient Department, West Cornwall Hospital
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Gill Prodger, Secretary of the Friends of West Cornwall Hospital and Claire Florey, Manager of WCH

The outpatient department is a notoriously difficult environment in which to work - narrow corridors, poor access etc - and Louise has managed the challenging circumstances with good humour, spirit and ingenuity. Louise works tirelessly to improve the patient experience. This was demonstrated within the National Outpatient Survey results which showed Louise's department scoring highest across the patient experience domains compared with other departments with more appropriate patient facilities.

Doctors praise Louise's commitment to the cause - she is more than ready to "muck in" from covering reception to acting as the plaster technician during times of absence.

Melanie Moncrieff - Staff Nurse, Surgical Unit, Royal Cornwall Hospital
Awarded for: Extra Mile and Innovation
Nominated by: Jacky Griffith, Maria Bennallick, Anji Waring and Caroline Jamison - all Lecturers in Nursing

Melanie began doing teaching sessions with students nurses who were on the Surgical Receiving Unit, which has now expanded to all nursing students currently at RCH. She organises specialist nurses and other colleagues to teach a clinical aspect and she organises a rolling timetable for each time the students are out in practice.

Melanie does all of this because of her own interest and enthusiasm and a lot of this is done in her own time with Melanie often coming in on her days off to oversee a session.  The students are full of admiration for her and would happily sign this nomination form.

Beverly Tarbox - Assistant Practitioner, Poldark Ward
Awarded for: Excellence
Nominated by: Julie Trudgian, Heather Newton, Barbara Brown, Wendy Parke and Meg Tremayne - Lead Nurses in Tissue Viability and Stoma Care

Beverly is dedicated to providing high quality care far beyond the parameters of her role and the expectations of her colleagues. She strives to achieve excellence in all aspects of patients care. Beverly recently developed a skin assessment tool designed to detect early changes in skin condition and prevent pressure damage. This tool is now being implemented across the Trust. 

Beverly continually develops her own knowledge and skill and frequently attends educational events in her own time to broaden her knowledge. Beverly presented at a National conference despite her nerves and giving up of her own time and birthday!

This award would demonstrate recognition of her contribution to reducing pressure ulcers Trust wide and that her dedicated to excellence and hard work are valued and her efforts have not gone unnoticed. Thank you Bev!

Phil Dale - Paediatric Pharmacist
Award for: Excellence
Nominated by: Stephen Murray and 17 colleagues from the Pharmacy Department

Here are some of the many, many comments received from Phil's colleagues:

Phil is the nicest human being I have met or worked with and he always has time for all his work colleagues and patients. 

Phil is very professional, caring, considerate, hard working, dedicated and helpful. He always goes out of his way to ensure that his patients get their medication and he has a great relationship with them. Phil is generous with his time and always happy to hep and explain things. Phil goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Phil is highly valued by everyone in the Dept. He is a genuine person who will help and has time for everyone. A real gentleman. Pharmacy is a better place with Phil in it.

Mike Pearson - Head of Hotel Services
Award for: Excellence
Nominated by: Bruce Cross, Facilities Manager, WCH & SMH

Mike provides immense support to the whole department, taking ownership and promotes and fights for his department whilst embracing the new direction in which the Trust is heading. He goes beyond all parameters to ensure that he has an efficient and professional team. Mike is open to discussion to the whole of this team with an honest, calm, pleasant and professional approach. Mike's commitment is without question and he has a 'can do' attitude which rubs off on his managers and team.

Mike has never been afraid to be outspoken to the good of the department and the Trust and he has the ability to bring out the best in people, allowing the dept to flourish.

He truly deserves this awards as he always ensures high standards, positive experience, compassion and excellent services for the Hospital.

Dr Donna Christensen - Consultant Breast Clinician, Mermaid Centre
Award for: Excellence
Nominated by: The whole of the Clinical Imaging Senior Management Team

This nomination is in recognition of Donna's unfaltering commitment and dedicated leadership in pursuit of excellence during her 15 years as Director for the Cornwall Breast Screening Programme. The relocation of the breast unit into the Mermaid Centre enhanced collaborative working and was the start of true multi-disciplinary service delivery. The Trust and Cornwall's population has hugely benefited from Donna's participation in research studies and involvement in the national breast screening programme at both regional and national levels.

The Clinical Imaging Team would like to publicly thank and acknowledge Donna's contribution and strong leadership. In the words of the External Quality Assurance Team, Donna is handing over "a professional and competent team who are providing a high quality screening service to the women of Cornwall".

Cathy Sidebotham - Lead Nurse, Unplanned Pregnancy Service
Award for: Excellence
Nominated by: Gilly MacDonald, Specialist Nurse, Sexual Health and Contraception

Cathy has been involved in many changes to the service over the past 14 years and she is a passionate supporter of women and their right to make choices. She has driven forward improvements to the service at every opportunity and remains tireless in bring the service into the best possible practice for women in Cornwall.

Cathy supports her colleagues and clients with kindness, empathy and good humour and she has given up considerable amounts of her free time to facilitate changes to make the whole experience better for women.  Cathy does not seek recognition for herself but is fiercely proud of the service. Cathy is an advocate for the women of Cornwall.

Sally Shipley - Quality Improvement Manager, Quality, Safety & Compliance
Award for: Excellence
Nominated by: Richard Johnson, Head of Quality, Safety & Compliance and Mark Scallan, Head of Information Governance

Sally is an outstanding member of staff. She not only delivers all that is asked of her, without question - but does it to a level of quality that is beyond that expected. She treats all staff with dignity and compassion and provides leadership and direction that is expected of a manager in a demanding area of work.

Sally is personable, approachable, calm and maintains a sense of humour in difficult times. Sally is a pleasure to have in the team and makes full use of her experience and knowledge. She has adapted to the changing requirements of her role, working long hours in order to ensure the Trust is compliant with many aspects of the quality, safety and compliance agenda. 

Sally is an inspirational character and a valued colleague.

Sally Dale - Ward Sister, Surgical Receiving Unit
Award for: Excellence
Nominated by: Susan Handford, Staff Nurse

Sally is outstanding with her motivation, enthusiasm and leadership skills.

The way that Sally deals with really difficult situations that could escalate is exemplary and I feel she really deserves recognition for her excellence.

Gail Wilson - Senior Specialist Nurse, Rheumatology
Award for: Excellence
Nominated by: Hayley Warner, Specialist Nurse, Rheumatology

Gail has worked in the field of Rheumatology for over 20 years and is a true expert. She has an amazing amount of knowledge and her attitude towards her work is admirable. Gail has a happy disposition, always with a smile on her face and approachable and open minded about change to drive the department forward.

Gail shares her experience and wealth of knowledge freely, encouraging others to learn and develop professionally and personally. Gail has a wonderful relationship with the patients and she always ensure the patients are cared for to a high standard, always working in their best interests.

Gail loves her work and this is clearly represented in her positive approach. Gail is the perfect role model - enthusiastic, supportive, knowledgeable and a great asset for the dept. The patients depend on her and she is always there for them.

Louisa Forbes - Surgical Site Surveillance Co-ordinator, Infection Prevention & Control
Award for: Innovation
Nominated by: Louise Dickinson, Joint Director of Infection Prevention & Control

Since Louisa's appointment a structured process for reporting and recording data regarding infection rates has now been developed. Feedback on this data is now provided at Specialty Audit meetings, Divisional Governance meetings and at the Divisional Quality & Learning Group meetings, as well as being provided directly to the surgeons. A telephone post discharge surveillance programme has been developed gathering details of those infections that have developed following discharge. A significant outcome of the surveillance process has been the introduction of a weekly trauma ward round which Louisa has established with the consultant microbiologist and a consultant orthopaedic surgeon. This is to ensure an appropriate management plan is in place and the patient therefore feels empowered and informed.

Louisa has expanded the surveillance programme to include biliary surgery, bowel surgery and caesarean sections.   Louisa is a great asset to the Trust and has completely revitalised the surgical site surveillance programme leading to improved practices and quality of patient care.

Melanie Feldman - Consultant Surgeon
Award for: Innovation
Nominated by: Richard Johnson, Head of Quality, Safety & Compliance

Melanie has been a major feature in improving patient safety at the Trust and she continues to be relentless in looking for new and imaginative ways in which safety and quality in clinical practice can be improved.   Melanie was the driving force behind the development and implementation of the Peri-operative Document Pack showing high levels of motivation in improving this area following the Care Quality Commission report into Theatres in 2011.   Mel makes time for all areas of safety and quality, a champion in the area of Clinical Audit for Surgery and a constant presence at events and initiatives that aim to progress improvements in this area. 

Mel is constantly looking for way in which the organisation can move forward as a whole, taking a corporate view and vision as well as initiatives in her own area of work.

Gary Sinclair - Domestic Team Leader in the Knowledge Spa
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Gill Pipkin, Interim Events & Facilities Manager

Hardworking, dedicated, motivated are a few words to describe Gary.  Always wanting to do more and never settling for second best; leading from the front and always setting a shining example; friendly, courteous and caring for his team - this is Gary.  Day to day running of a busy domestic team is not enough for him, when he is not busy supervising his team, he is hard at work buffing, polishing, cleaning carpets and making surfaces gleam.  His personal pursuit for service improvement is to be admired and rubs off on everyone around him.  This is reflected in our domestic monitoring scores which are excellent.  It takes a dedicated person to start at 5.45 am day in day out, year round and Gary is just that.

Steve Harris, Simulation Technician, Anaesthetics & Theatres
Award for: Extra Mile and Innovation
Nominated by: Dr John Ellis, Consultant Paediatrician

Steve took the brave step of taking the lead technician role for simulation at RCHT.  Although in the early stages, his role has allowed the running of simulations to come out of the Postgraduate Centre onto the wards.  This has quite simply revolutionised the impact of these teaching sessions.  As a result of Steve's support across all departments including ED, Child Health, Anaesthetics and ICU, simulation training is changing the way we learn by raising safety awareness and having real time, real clinical area practice time for critical clinical scenarios.  Steve has been passionate and committed to the process and has made himself available well beyond the call of duty to make this training happen.  It wouldn't work without him!

Michael Stone, Finance Trainee
Award for: Innovation
Nominated by: Jo Cooper, Finance Performance Manager

Michael joined the Finance Team last October and was tasked with improving how patients taking part in research trials were recorded and monitored, ensuring the Trust was able to invoice the sponsoring pharmaceutical organisations in a timely and accurate manner.  Michael developed a new spreadsheet format to support the Trials team which is able to keep track of the treatments each patient has.  It flags the elements to be invoiced and produces all the supporting documentation, including an automated financial process for debtor requests and journals.  Michael's development is now being rolled out across the various research and development teams and has reduced the volume of work for both sides.  Everyone concerned really appreciates the terrific job Michael has done.

Louise Wilson, Medical Staff Co-ordinator, Medicine & ED Division
Award for: Innovation
Nominated by: Duncan Browne and Steve Iles, Consultants

Louise has managed the junior doctor rota in medicine for several years.  She has a complete grasp of the complexities of the job and ensure that any gaps are filled at short notice.   Her innovative approach to managing the rota process has enabled restructuring of the medical on-call rota to deliver savings of over £100,000 a year which has enabled reinvestment in projects such as Hospital at Night with direct benefits to patient care.  In addition Louise responds to short-term crises in a rapid and sensible manner.  As a 'back room' member of staff Louise often does not receive the recognition she deserves. 



Renal Secretaries - Donna Steward, Sally Miners, Kathy Eldridge
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Paul Johnston - Renal Consultant

As well as performing high standard secretarial duties, these three ladies extend their roles significantly to effectively work in partnership with their Consultants in patient management, always being available to take telephone enquiries from patients, relatives and other health care professionals. They are able to use their experience and knowledge to give advice, chase investigations and direct calls through for consultant advice. The patients feel valued and have an easy and friendly route of access to the service. These ladies are also early adopters of change in practice by embracing local initiatives such as e-discharge and document management, as well as national initiatives such as the Renal Patient View which enables patients to access their blood results in real time.

The Renal Secretaries provide an exemplary "front of house" environment with a welcoming, friendly atmosphere, and work seamlessly together with their Consultants to provide a first class service

Harlyn Ward - Women, Children & Sexual Health Division
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Mary Baulch, Clinical Matron

The size and remit of the Ward has changed dramatically over the last 5 years but the team continue to hold together the interests of the children, young people and families undergoing surgery. The feedback from patients and staff about the new day case pathway is very positive and the staff have never let the service changes affect the care the patients and families receive.

The staff are always flexible in their approach to work, they have embraced the changes and are good role models for other staff. They have always come up with solutions to problems and engaged to the changes with very positive attitudes. They have sustained a great sense of team work and commitment to their patients despite going through what at time has been difficult changes for them all, and they continue to do this.

Mullions Team – Hotel Services
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Diana Oldfield, Catering Supervisor

In May 2011, all seemed doom and gloom with no smiles or enthusiasm. However, this team picked themselves up and with grit and determination pulled together (and with a little support) brought the Mullions Restaurant back to life. With theme days, dressing up, banners and flags, the Team have become very smiley and seem to enjoy coming to work every day. They treat customers with friendliness and welcome back visiting relatives or outpatients like old fiends. This team is so special because they are so willing to help wherever and whenever they are required, and this could be at a moments notice.

This team has shown that nothing is impossible when you put your heart and sole into it and with the right encouragement, will continue to do so.

Paediatric Pain Team - Anaesthetics & Theatres Division
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Terry Skinner, Divisional Director

The excellence of this team is demonstrated by clinical audit results showing that 98% of children and families are happy with the pain control during their hospital admission. The work of this team has been recognised and presented at a regional level at the 4th Annual Peninsula Paediatric Pain Symposium. Dr Julian Berry and Sarah Fox have expanded their service and work commitment to meet the growing demand for complex paediatric pain control, both for inpatients and children at home.

The devotion, care and effort shown by Julian and Sarah is exceptional and exemplifies the "extra mile" ethos.

Cytology Scientists - Cytology Department
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Cathy Winn, Cytology Lab Manager and Bryson Pottinger, Consultant Haematologist

Compliance with national standards is an essential requirement in pathology laboratories. Within Pathology, this is through a system called Q-Pulse.

Leonie and Alec showed great dedication to the task of implementing Q-Pulse, often working long hours in their own time to ensure they met the deadlines they were faced with. The project would not have been so successful had they both not gone the "extra mile". Experienced Q-Pulse users from other organisations have congratulated our team on the use friendly nature of the system and the supplies feel that the set up is one of the best they have seen.

Together, they did fabulous work for Pathology which will help the Trust to ensure quality and patient care are the focus of all of our activities. 

Clinical Imaging CT Team
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Christine Bloor and the Clinical Imaging Management Team

This team are a small dedicated team of professionals who deliver complex, high quality CT imaging across the entire Trust using 4 CT scanners in 3 locations on 2 different sites. Despite the disparate geography, the CT radiographers successfully maintain a cohesive team spirit with a dedicated approach to quality and service delivery. They are highly skilled, knowledgeable, with a wealth of experience to provide optimal CT imaging across the range of patient conditions and pathologies.

They are flexible in their approach to service delivery, embrace change willingly and are always looking for a better way of doing things. They are 100% patient focused. They are highly valued across the Trust and the wider health care community for their commitment and continual pursuit of exceptional patient care.

Wheal Rose Ward Domestics - Women, Children & Sexual Health Division
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Karen Stoyles, Midwifery Sister and Sandra Peters, Domestics Supervisor

Suzie and Linda go above and beyond the call of duty, performing their duties to an excellent standard. They are happy in their work and nothing is too much trouble. They take time to talk to patients and staff alike and always with a cheery disposition and empathy if needed.    They take pride in the job and demonstrate a passion for maintaining high standards throughout the ward.

Suzie and Linda have a real gift for making of being able to make the women on the ward feel cared for - nothing is too much trouble for them.

Patients are always praising their positive attitudes and bubbly personalities. They are truly valued members of the Wheal Rose Team and the ward would not be the same without them.

Information Services Team
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Linzi Lancaster, Information Services Manager

The Information Services Team work in a highly pressurised, deadline driven environment where priorities are constantly changing. They always maintain a positive and professional attitude and are highly regarded across the Trust as a key resource, going out of their way to meet all information requests and meeting the appropriate deadlines. They regularly go the 'extra mile' to offer opinions or advice that will ensure the customers understand each dataset being provided. They often stay late to ensure reports are produced on time and the Team are extremely hard working and committed, and maintain optimistic and helpful attitudes when even circumstances are pressured and deadlines are short.

Audiology and Hearing Therapy Department
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: John Middleton and Elizabeth Crompton - both Audiologists

The Departments are going through a huge change in service and as a Centre of Excellence, work with Ear Nose & Throat, Adult Social Care, teachers of the Deaf and Voluntary Services to provide high quality care for all deaf and hard of hearing people in Cornwall. Despite recent difficulties of staff shortages and increasing workloads, the team have continued to put patients first and have gone the "extra mile" to provide an outstanding service whilst migrating towards a new work style to provide safer and even better value care. 

Theatre 3 Team - St Michael's Hospital
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Consultants - Polly King, Iain Brown, Phil Drew, Sheikh Ahmad, Rachel English

The breast team in Cornwall diagnose over 400 women a year with breast cancer. The majority require surgery which is often complex and represents a difficult and emotional time for the patient. The Theatre 3 Team led by Lesley Perry are outstanding. They are efficient, extremely competent, forward thinking and uncomplaining about the demand placed upon them. The Theatre 3 Team are able to consistently provide a service well above what is expected, by embracing changes in surgical techniques, understanding the needs of these patients and by routinely staying on late to avoid any cancellations. 

It is a breath of fresh air to work with a consistent and inspiring theatre team that routinely go the "extra mile" to ensure the breast cancer patients receive the best services we can provide.

Surgical Admissions Lounge - Surgery, Trauma & Orthopaedics Division
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Paulette Hunkin, Sister

The Surgical Admissions Lounge Team are frequently described by the junior doctors as the best in the hospital. The Teams takes on everything they are asked to do and do it all with a smile and a positive attitude. The unit has changed its function many times, but the Team carry out their roles professionally and with compassion to anyone who comes through the door. 

Daily, they go the "extra mile" to meet the needs of the patients and the organisation. Their standards are high and patient feedback tells us that the Team are doing it right. Nothing is too much for a patient and the support that they show each other, often in difficult and trying times, is second to none.

Violence & Aggression Training Team - Training & Development Department
Award for: Excellence
Nominated by: Helen Lewis, Associate Head of Learning & Development

The Team consists of 2 members of staff - Jon Wiggans and Ian Davies, who provide an excellent standard of training to support staff in the management of challenging situations in clinical environments. Their approach to training recognises the vulnerability of patients and the sensitive nature of what may be causing their challenging behaviour. They also meet up with staff members who have been involved in difficult situations and are always willing to talk things through and support staff who are rebuilding their confidence.

Jon and Ian work to exceptionally high standards and it would be great to recognise the positive impact they have on many of our patients and staff.

Orthopaedic Surgical Team - St Michael's Hospital
Award for: Excellence
Nominated by: Michael Reavy and Pamela Wilkinson - both orthopaedic patients

One category is not enough for these special people. Excellence - care, compassion and respects. Extra Mile - for going beyond the call of duty. Nominated by patients whose lives have been transformed superbly by this Team. They all portray an outstanding degree of patient guidance and care excellence which in our opinion, also assist the NHS by encouraging positive patient attitudes and thereby speeding up patient recoveries. Nothing was and is ever too much trouble for this Team.

The Team award also includes the late Dr Anup who will be remembered for the way he touched other people's lives.

Nuclear Medicine Team
Award for: Innovation
Nominated by: Jackie Knox, Radiologist, and Dr Tom Sulkin, Radiographer Consultant

The Team constantly work hard to improve the standards of care and treatment performance, not only in their own department, but as part of their patients' journey through many tests, consultants and visits to our Trust. With the ever changing technologies and advancements, the Team have to continuously be at the forefront of the profession to ensure that patients and their referrers always have the best possible imaging and therapy choices to aid diagnoses. The introduction of the cutting edge Hybrid Imaging Gamma Camera is an example where the Team have explored new horizons and taken to them brilliantly.

The Team is nominated for their continued outstanding work and dedicated to the patients and staff of the Trust.

Cornwall Food Production Unit - Patient Facilities & Estate Services Division
Award for: Innovation
Nominated by: Niki Venison, Divisional Manager

The Team has faced many major challenges particularly over the past 12 months switching from being a catering function for the Trust to a commercial factory unit. This has massively changed the day to day job with significant hikes in volumes and the Team having to find different and innovative solutions to delivering new menus to a number of new customers, particularly Cornwall Council and community hospitals in North and East Devon.

They have found ways to speed up sandwich production and volume, supported changes in processed for the cook/freeze menus and their success has been evidenced by the ongoing confidence among the new customers to fast track roll out and see Cornwall Food becoming a well known and reputable brand in Devon as well as here in Cornwall.

Palliative Care Discharge Team
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Nancy Squire, Palliative Care Occupational Therapist and Rachel Newman, Consultant in Palliative Care

The Palliative Care Discharge Team's workload is quite unbelievable and they never complain. Wendy and Lorna cover the whole Trust and have to access numerous sources and care agencies to get the appropriate cover for patients, often at very short notice.

Wendy and Lorna deal with very complex discharges for patients and they are unfailingly courteous, gently and compassionate. They place the patient first and at the centre of all their care.

They communicate exceptionally well to give support in often difficult circumstances. They also provide enormous support to colleagues in stressful situations. 

The Stroke Care Team
Award for: Extra Mile
Nominated by: Clare Rotman, Inpatient Therapy Manager, Debra Shields, Service Manager and Kate Schroder-Hockey, Deputy Ward Manager of Phoenix Ward

The Stroke Care Team includes all of the staff involved in providing care for stroke patients - doctors, nurses, therapists and healthcare support workers. They provide care from the point a patient arrives at the hospital with a suspected stroke through to their discharge home or to a community setting. Over the past 2 years the Team has achieved outstanding results in improving stroke care in Cornwall, enabling faster diagnosis and quicker access to specialist care during the critical early stages after a stroke, and together they are pushing towards the gold standard in stroke care.


Chairman's & Chief Executive's Award

Mermaid Centre Team
Award for: ‘Extra Mile’, Excellence and Innovation
Chairman Martin Watts said:

“Everyone who works within and is connected to the Mermaid Centre, show by example what excellent patient care looks like and feels like. Expertise, combined with caring compassion, is reflected by absolutely every member of the outstanding Mermaid Team.

“The Trust is very fortunate to have you all, as are the people and women of Cornwall.”


Community Award

The Community Award has been voted for by staff and members of the public. The nominated teams for 2012 were the Stroke Care Team, the Palliative Care Discharge Team and Mary Parrett, Epilepsy Specialist Nurse.

WINNER: Mary Parrett, Epilepsy Specialist Nurse

Mary has been the specialist epilepsy in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly since 1999 and is always ‘just a phone call away’ for around 1400 patients. Mary runs regular clinics at locations across the county, managing the care of newly diagnosed patients and those living with epilepsy. Mary has put huge personal effort into building up the service since she began and has been the driving force behind the establishment of a support group for patients and families. She has been nominated by a number of her patients who have remarked on her support, help and extensive knowledge, as well as her energy and sense of humour which all play such an important part in helping them to live with their epilepsy.

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